Setting Up Web Service Alerts

Using the Messaging application, you can easily set up our built-in web service alerts for any of our built-in bots. This topic describes how to generically configure a alert.

Your specific web service may have additional settings, or in some case, no other settings other than the user log on credentials.

Configuring Web Services

To integrate alerts tasks using web services, you will need to enter your web service user account credentials, and depending on the bot, one or more bot-specific settings.

The following illustration is an example of the Salesforce Authorization dialog for the My Salesforce Open Leads alert.


Customizing Alerts

You can customize an alert for a web service with the following settings:

  • Alert Name - The name of the alert displayed on the alert Setup dialog, and in theManage Alerts section for alert Settings.
  • Short Description - The description of the alert displayed on the alert Setup dialog.
  • Notifications - Select Mute alert notifications to disable alert notifications. When selected, the button is green. The default setting enables notification.
  • Check for updates - Choose a period to elapse between updates for the alert in your account. Any updates since the last alert are displayed. You can define updates between 5 minutes and once per day at a specified time. The default period is an update every 15 minutes.

Click Finish to save an close the alert editor.

Next Steps

After the web services are configured for your bot, when the Check for updates period has elapsed, or a manual refresh of the alert in your account is started, a message is displayed in the Bos section for the account defined for the web service.

On the Bots section in your Account, you can initiate a task immediately after it is configured.